2010. február 12., péntek

In my report i want to write down some ideas for You, which i have thought up during the last month here in Prague. This period, the atelier, where i live, the czech art scene and the people who i have found here have been very inspirativ for me. These new space- or personspecific ideas are the most cathartic things in my mote life. I hope You find some of them interesting too . Please read with all one's ears and enjoy it:

2009. május 29., péntek

2009. április 30., csütörtök

Resource over the treasure

Siding with the crisis with the help of human means

Sazka for Meetfactory

Chicken pen designed by ArchiCad

(Pista Csákány)


a small candle is clipped on in front of my eyes,
and as I look through it at the other candles,
they get burned out,
and as my eyes drift past it,
they get lit up again

Flea-ridden chap

buying all belongings of that loony, flea-ridden chap
- or inviting him to Meetfactory



German smiley

Spray hanging on a string on the wall

Being much more stupid and much poorer

Bricks on the wall

bricks on the wall, on shelves. The shelf is like mortar

The most natural thing in life

Question for vegetarians

question for vegetarians:
- so do you bite your nails?
-or do you bite your lips?